Allt om mig.. typ!

I ens stjärntecken har man olika signs som man kan kolla up med Birth Charts men jag fattade inte riktigt så jag frågade en tjej som driver en astrologi-blogg på tumblr (jag tror ju galet mycket på sånt här) och snäll som fan var hon för hon svarade! 

Detta  är så STÖÖÖÖRRRRTTT så bra det stämmer!

Your Sun Sign is Aries, however, you have strong planetary influences elsewhere:

Your Ascendant (rising sign) Is Libra/ The ascendant is how you present yourself and how others see you. Libra is the opposite sign of Aries and while Aries is the sign of self, Libra is the sign are partnerships . This placement adds dimension to your personality giving you certain mental and creative equalities.

Your Moon is in Virgo, which governs your emotions and inner self. This placement means that you are sensitive, and feel a lot, but when it comes to expressing these feelings, you would prefer to keep them to yourself. You can be highly critical of yourself and others as well.

Both your Mercury and Mars are in the sign of Pisces which means Piscean traits are strong in your chart because Mercury represents how you think, thought patterns and how you express them. Mars represents your actions, sex drive and your aggression. Pisces in both these planets gives you sensitivity, a people pleasing quality, and you are adept to taking in a lot from others. Sometimes you might have a hard time following intelligent ideas through, but you are definitely capable of deep thinking and have a vivid imagination. Be careful that you have your feet strongly panted in reality because Pisces is ruled by Neptune, which can cause illusions but bring your dreams alive.

Your Venus is in Aries which means when it comes to love, you’re passionate, strong, and have a good sense about what you want and what you need. You will date a lot and will always be in search of the “one” until you find them. Love for you is energizing and exciting. You look for someone who makes you feel alive and even challenged. You are drawn to people who know what they want out of life.


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